Do I Need a Local Accountant?

Whether you are self-employed or run a large corporation, managing the financial side of operations is equally important. Furthermore, the fact that the UK accountancy sector increased by 6.1% in 2023 shows that more professionals are choosing expert support.

When choosing an accountant, many factors will impact the decision. Although expertise and pricing are important, location is one of the top points to consider. Keep reading to learn why choosing a local account could be best.

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Is There a Difference in Services Between Local and National Accountants?

Whilst the services on offer will likely be the same, there are some differences you should be aware of.

Firstly, you may find that some larger companies only focus on bigger organisations, eliminating the support needed by small businesses and sole traders. It’s also likely that assistance is only available at the end of a tax year or during a significant period of change, which again means that some companies will miss out on the aid needed to run operations without a hitch. Finally, the pricing of large accountants may be lower, but this can come to the detriment of some services that a local agency can provide.

What Are the Advantages of Selecting a Local Accountancy Firm?

You don’t have to select a local accountant, but as you will see from the reasons below, there are many benefits that will be unlocked if you choose too.

Connections in the Local Area

Local accountants offer you a way into knowledge only available locally. They will have connections with various influential companies that can help your business thrive. This includes marketing agencies, lawyers, property agents and HR professionals.

Understanding the local area is also a benefit as it means accountants understand the market in which your business is operating. This means they can offer a unique service tailored to all the influences you must contend with.

More Personalisation to Services

Leading on from our previous point, working with a local account means a deeper level of service. Whether this is a bespoke service offering unique to your business or insights from the overall sector, all support will improve the chance of success. This also means there is a greater chance of companies being kept up to date with tax changes as soon as they come into force.

In-Person Support

When you choose local, you can also benefit from face-to-face meetings as well as having the ability to drop items into the office. Sometimes it’s also easier to work through a query in person so having an account close by makes all working styles possible.

Build Stronger Relationships

All of the above benefits can lead to a better working relationship being established between accountants and their clients. This not only garners stronger levels of trust, but means work can be carried out more efficiently as there are not likely to be any barriers in the way.

Why Choose Hysons for Accounting Support?

We have proven experience supporting businesses in and around Hampshire, making us the ideal local account to select. We apply big business thinking to even the smallest accounts to ensure no stone is left unturned. By prioritising relationships and transparency in communications, we have created a successful range of accounting services.

Contact us today to find out more.


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