Capital Gains Tax Accountants

Most UK residents are subject to capital gains tax (CGT) on assets such as the disposal of property, shares, businesses and personal possessions. There are several strategies to reduce the rate of tax payable on a capital gain with smart planning ahead of time.

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At Hysons, Chartered Accountants, we can advise you on how to legally reduce payments, particularly when it comes to the sale of real estate, which is often the largest asset for many people. There are additional complications associated with divorce, gifts to charities and family members, and changes in business interests. We will advise you on tax-efficient asset disposal structures and how to take advantage of available tax breaks to reduce and defer tax on chargeable gains. Our services include consultations on:

  •        CGT payable on disposal
  •        advising on the timing of disposal
  •        the availability of Entrepreneurs' Relief
  •        exemption options available
  •        transfers of assets to family members or trusts
  •        Inheritance Tax, Estates and Trust Planning

How Hysons can help

At Hysons, Chartered Accounts, all our tax accountants are fully certified, ensuring we provide expert advice to help reduce your tax liability as much as possible and keep you on the right side of HMRC. Talk to our team of expert accounting consultants in Hampshire to see how Hysons can help your business.


Self Assessment Accountants

Our self-assessment service for individuals aims to guarantee that your tax return is completed in a timely and efficient manner, while also paying the correct amount of tax.

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Inheritance Tax & Trusts

We can help ensure that you establish the appropriate structures to safeguard and pass down your wealth to future generations.

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