Data for Personal Tax Returns for the Year Ended 5th April 2024


Trade, Professional, Part-Time and Casual Earnings

  • Please do not provide your accounts records at this stage but purely list all sources.
  • As soon as convenient after your accounting year end, please arrange for your financial records to be forwarded to us.


  • Form P60 (to show your income and tax deducted).
  • Form P11D (to show benefits in kind).
  • Information on tips, leaving payments, compensation payments, etc.
  • Details of any participation in employee share or share option schemes made available by your employer.
  • Details of periods spent abroad on business.

Pensions and Social Security Benefits

  • Details of state retirement and any other pensions, including draw downs and lump sums (with forms P60).
  • Details of any pensions you expect to start to receive in the year to 5 April 2025.
  • Details of any incapacity benefit, employment and support allowance or job seeker’s allowance received.
  • Details of any other state benefits received, including maternity allowance.


  • Rental income and related expenses, with vouchers where available, for UK and overseas properties (if providing furnished accommodation in your home, please provide details to enable us to review an application for relief under the “rent-a-room” scheme).
  • Certificate of interest paid on any loan to finance the cost of the rented property.
  • If letting furnished holiday accommodation, confirm the number of days the property was available for letting, actually let, and available to you personally.

Investment Income

Details, together with certificates, tax vouchers, forms R185, etc for:

  • Bank interest.
  • Building society interest.
  • Interest received on National Savings and investment accounts.
  • Interest received on Government Stock.
  • Dividends from UK companies (including stock dividends).
  • Other dividends and annuities.
  • Interest, dividend and any other income received from foreign investments.
  • Income received from any trusts or estates.

Other Income

Details of:

  • Chargeable event certificates received from life assurance policies, bonds, etc.
  • Receipts from Income Bonds, Growth Bonds and any other National Savings and investment products

Child Benefit

  • The total child benefit received by you and your spouse/partner.
  • The number of children for whom you and your spouse/partner received child benefit.
  • The dates of birth of any children for whom you and your spouse/partner received child benefit.
  • If child benefit has ceased, confirm the date the final payment was received.
  • Will you continue to claim child benefit?


Expenses in Employment

Details of:

  • General business expenses incurred in employment.
  • Subscriptions to professional bodies.
  • Deductions made from your salary re: superannuation or payments to charities.
  • Payments made under the Payroll Giving Scheme.
  • Confirmation of any periods spent working from home.

Pension Contribution Payments

  • Contributions made to personal pension plans, retirement annuity contracts and foreign pension schemes.
  • If employed, please advise if you have joined a Workplace Pension Scheme. If so, provide details of any contributions made through Auto Enrolment and any additional voluntary contributions to the company pension scheme.
  • If the rate of any existing contributions has been increased, please ask your pension company for a letter confirming the increase in the contribution.
  • If any existing contribution payments have stopped or been refunded during the year, please advise us of the details.
  • Details of any employer pension contributions.

Other Outgoings

Details of:

  • Gift Aid donations.
  • Any other gifts to charities.

Venture Capital Trusts and Enterprise Investment Scheme

  • Details of subscriptions made to VCTs, EISs or SEISs.

Student/Post Graduate Loan Repayments

  • Details of any student and postgraduate loans with a repayment start date on or before 6 April 2024, together with payments made and a copy of your annual statement from the company.


Capital Gains

  • Details of all investments and other chargeable assets disposed of (including by way of a gift), together with relevant completion statements, contract notes, etc.
  • Details of any windfalls from demutualisation of building societies, insurance companies, etc.
  • Details of any amounts received from a trust or an estate.
  • Details of all chargeable assets acquired.

Capital Transfers re Inheritance Tax

  • Details of all gifts, transfers etc made in the year to 5 April 2024 and in the prior 6 tax years if not previously advised.
  • Details of any settlements made.

Pre-owned Assets

  • Details of all transfers of assets since 18 March 1986, including properties, to family members and trusts and transfers of cash to family members and trusts since 6 April 1998 to enable us to review the tax position.

Marriage Allowance

  • Please confirm if you have applied to transfer part of your personal allowance to your spouse or civil partner or if they have transferred this to you. If so, please forward their full name, national insurance number, date of birth and the date of the marriage or civil partnership.


Please confirm the following:

  • The number of days spent in the UK during the tax year, i.e. between 6 April 2023 and 5 April 2024.
  • If you have returned to the UK and become UK tax resident in the year ended 5 April 2024, details of any UK assets sold in the previous 5 tax years.

Other Information

  • Copies of any H M Revenue and Customs’ Income Tax Statements of Account.
  • Copies of any PAYE Coding Notices for 2023/2024 and 2024/2025.
  • Copies of any correspondence relating to National Insurance contributions.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Please advise if you are registered blind on a local authority or other register.
  • Details of any disclosed tax avoidance schemes in which you have invested.
  • Details if you consider that you might have been non-resident for tax purposes in the last five years.
  • Details if you consider that you might be non-domicile for tax purposes.

Tax Credit Claims

  • Please provide a copy of the letter confirming the award made to you for the year to 5 April 2024 relating to any claims for Working Families’ Tax Credit, Disabled Persons’ Tax Credit, Children’s Tax Credit, Pensioner’s Tax Credit or Universal Credit.

It is essential that you supply all relevant information by 30 June 2024 if you require our assistance with renewing tax credit claims.

Repayments of Tax

If you would like refunds paid directly into your bank account, please supply the following details:

  • Name of bank or building society.
  • Name of account holder(s).
  • Branch sort code.
  • Account number.
  • Building society reference.

Tax Return

  • Any blank Tax Return or H M Revenue and Customs’ letter requesting a Tax Return.


  • Details, as above, of your minor children’s income derived from capital made available by you.

2024/2025 Tax Year Issues

  • For UK tax residents the disposal of any UK residential or mixed-use properties, must be notified to H M Revenue and Customs within 60 days of completion to avoid automatic and escalating penalties being charged. Please therefore provide us with the details of any such disposals as soon as possible prior to exchange. There are some circumstances where a return may not be required and we will advise accordingly.
  • For non-UK tax residents, the disposal of any UK residential, mixed-use or commercial property, must be notified to H M Revenue and Customs within 60 days of completion to avoid automatic and escalating penalties being charged. Please therefore provide us with the details of any such disposals as soon as possible prior to exchange.

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