Maintain Trade Business Success Whilst You Are Away

Are you one of the 73% of SME business owners who don’t take time off? If so, we understand that the concept of leaving your company behind can be overwhelming, as you want to ensure you remain competitive at all times. However, not taking any time off will rapidly lead to burnout, which makes any form of work a struggle.

As summer rapidly approaches, at Hysons, Chartered Accountants we wanted to share some tips for business owners, when it comes to taking time off. Whether you just want a long weekend away, such as a staycation or dream of white sandy beaches, somewhere further away, this advice will help you find a balance.

Is It Ok To Take Breaks Away As A Trade Business Owners?

Yes, it is essential for everyone to take off from time to time, with trade business owners being no exception to this rule. We understand that trades require a hands-on form of management, but that doesn’t mean you physically have to be at the in control of every project.

Taking time away has lots of benefits, including giving you time to improve your health, clear the mind, allowing you to spend time with your family, as well as this it’s a great opportunity for your team to work together.

Tips For Maintaining Successful Operations Whilst Away

It’s all well and good craving that illusive break, but to make it a success, you must take some time to plan for your time away. Having a structure in place lets everyone know what must happen, and the new projects can still keep flying in. Our top tips are shared below:

Speak with your financial adviser to plan ahead. If you are worried about taking time away from a business planning perspective, have a chat with your accountant. They will be able to ensure everything is covered during your absence and know to support your team if needed.

Ensure you have a team you rely on. Delegation is essential when taking time away. By hiring wisely, you can ensure that your team represents your business perfectly. If you don’t have anyone working for you normally, you can look at a contractor for a short period of time.

Plan with plenty of time to spare. Give yourself as much time as possible to put plans in place. We recommend highlighting potential holiday periods at the start of a new year so that you can firm plans up without last minute stress.

Inform your direct clients. If a customer is unable to get hold of you, it can lead to a negative view on the trade company. However, by letting them know you are away and sharing the details of your delegate, this issue will be eliminated.

Create a plan with your team. Finally, you should have a clear set of expectations outlined for your team. This includes what work needs to be done, who is managing your responsibilities and lines of communications should anything go majorly wrong.

How Can Hysons Support Trade Business Owners Have A Better Balance?

If you are a trade business owner looking to take the plunge this year by booking that break, the team at Hysons can support you.

Get in touch now to learn about our business planning services, which ensure your business is thriving while you are on a well-deserved trip.


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