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Prepare for a Rise in National Insurance Contributions

04 Oct 21

An increase in National Insurance Contributions (NIC) is on the way, but do you know the full implications of this for you, your business and your employees? Find out in our blog.

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What are the Different Types of Trusts?

08 Sep 21

Nobody’s financial situation is the same and everyone prefers to manage their assets differently. As a result, there are several types of trusts to store your wealth in, each of which cater to specific financial needs. Learn about the main types of trusts.

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Inheritance Tax Advice and FAQs

16 Aug 21

Getting your personal finances in order for when you pass away can be stressful, especially when coupled with funeral planning and other end of life care arrangements. Hysons can relieve this pressure with our range of inheritance tax planning services.

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Restructuring or Selling Your Business? We Can help

09 Jul 21

Hysons understands that restructuring your business or selling it on to someone else can be daunting. To help, we share our top tips for each in this blog. Learn about the best way to announce your plans for restructure as well as get your company ready for sale.

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7 Tips for Securing Funding for your Business

08 Jun 21

Securing funding is vital to the success of many start-ups and small businesses. However, most still miss out due to a lack of preparation and knowledge of how to write a funding application. Discover our top tips for getting start-up and small business funding.

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Succession Planning for Businesses

12 May 21

Ensuring you’re well prepared for selling your business is vital to its continued success. Without a clearly defined succession plan, you run the risk of a chaotic transition. Discover the considerations you should make when preparing to sell your business.

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How Does an Accountant Save You Money?

25 Mar 21

Keeping on top of your business finances has never been more important. However, doing so is easier said than done. That’s why having an accounting professional by your side is of great value. See how we can support your business profitability.

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What does the 2021 Spring Budget mean for you?

05 Mar 21

After the economic turbulence caused by the coronavirus pandemic over the past year, the 2021 Spring Budget was closely watched. Read what some of its main talking points mean for your personal and business finances.

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The VAT domestic reverse charge: what your construction business needs to know

08 Feb 21

A major shakeup of VAT in the construction industry takes place in 2021 – and it’s likely to have significant implications if you’re a subcontractor working in the building sector.

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Spreading your January self-assessment payment

05 Feb 21

The 2020/21 tax year has been a tough time, financially speaking, for many of us. So it’s no surprise that many owners, directors and self-employed individuals are concerned about having enough funds to pay their self-assessment income tax bill.

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Planning your filing and payment deadlines for the year

01 Feb 21

Keeping on top of the deadlines for your company filing and tax payments can be hard work. With so many elements to coordinate and keep track of, it’s easy for deadlines to occasionally slip through the cracks – but that can lead to fines, penalties and other issues.

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Reduce your corporation tax bill by offsetting pension contributions

28 Jan 21

If you’re looking for ways to minimise your corporation tax bill, it’s worth considering if there are deductible expenses you can claim. One key area to think about is your director pension contributions, as these can be offset against your taxable profits.

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Cutting costs or increasing your prices? We can help

20 Jan 21

With more than 85% of SMEs expecting a lower profit in the next nine months, the more prepared you can be for the unexpected, the better. Managing expenses is a good idea at any stage in your business and you may need to consider increasing your prices.

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Thinking of Buying a Business? Things to Consider

11 Jan 21

Buying an existing business can be a great way to get started as a business owner, or to expand operations if you are already running a business successfully.

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Remote Christmas party ideas - and what you can claim

01 Dec 20

By this time of year, you’d usually have your venue booked and menus sorted for the end-of-year staff gathering! But with local lockdowns still in place, and employees still working from home, it’s likely that your Christmas staff party will be taking place remotely in 2020.

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